James Sutton

James Sutton is passionate about design, education, and all things creative! He is currently the creator behind ‘Our Story Book’, an experimental project, which aims to create the first ever book about immortality that is 100% crowdsourced on Kickstarter. The idea is to find people from around the world, from all walks of life, to each write one page of the book, just sharing their take on immortality.

The story behind this book began many years ago, soon after James graduated from architecture school, when suddenly discovering that he required urgent heart surgery due to a severe aortic aneurysm. Thankfully, everything turned out okay for him and now he is the proud owner of a mechanical heart valve, which according to his surgeon, should last for 400 years! It was this difficult experience that inspired him to create a book about immortality, and is what he believes drives him to spend his time pursuing meaningful and creative ideas.

Today, James can be found living in Brazil, working as a social entrepreneur and founder of the Bloomtrigger project, a pioneering rainforest conservation platform.

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