Louis J. Castriota, Jr.

Louis J. Castriota, Jr., currently president and CEO of Leg Up Farm, began with a desire to help children with special needs. This vision grew when his daughter Brooke was diagnosed with a condition that causes cognitive and motor function delays. Discovering huge gaps in the availability and affordability of services that could help children like Brooke, Castriota undertook a 13-year journey that would culminate in the 2010 ribbon-cutting ceremony of Leg Up Farm in Mt. Wolf, Pennsylvania. This involved raising more than $10 million in funding through private contributions, public fundraisers, loans, and grants.

Observing his success, David Skerpon, Vice President at Capital Blue Cross, told Castriota, “You are evidence that, when one has a vision and is passionate about making it a reality, unbelievable things happen.”

Castriota has been the recipient of many honors, including awards for National Comcast Spotlight Hero and Non-profit Innovation in Management Operations. He was named a York Federal Fellow in Nonprofit Community Leadership and led Leg Up Farm’s successful Silver LEED Certification. Since Leg Up Farm opened, Castriota has become involved in mentoring nonprofit leaders in the area. He is also the author of Leg Up! The Courage to Dream.

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