The Speaker Anthology, vol. 1

101 Stories That Have Inspired and Motivated Audiences from Coast to Coast

This compendium of speaker stories includes 101 original stories from 101 successful motivational speakers, coaches, and trainers. This collection of heart-rending tales will not leave a dry eye.

Each of the stories has been tested before hundreds of audiences, and the included speakers are the lifeblood of this country, inspiring religious groups, corporations, clubs, convention centers, stadiums and classrooms. By revealing not only their greatest strengths, but also their weakest moments, the speakers collected in this book have opened their hearts to their readers. Open any page for inspiration!

Amazon reviews:

“Great resource for speakers who know their craft. This book is a must-have for universities, corporate entities that want to inspire and motivate employees, and anyone who plans events that are relevant, important, and time-worthy of the planner’s efforts.” — D.C.
“I don’t usually read motivational books (too depressing!) but … I think it is time to … be inspired and motivated to make the change I need to … and embrace my whole being.” — M.F.
“Motivational, inspirational, and entertaining. This well written book will boost your attitude with it’s many brilliant true stories. I pick it up for a read whenever I need a pick-me up.” — T.P.
“Learn, grow, be inspired. You deserve this book! This collection of true stories will help you when you have run out of energy, hope and inspiration… The chapters in the book are divided into helpful categories such as Inspiration or Making It. The joy is that you don’t have to read the book in any order. Just select any heading or title that speaks to you. There are stories about business, friendship, leadership and many other life circumstances. Enjoy!” — L.W.
“This is a great book for people who need a spiritual lift… When we are in certain situations and we feel helpless, it’s good to read how someone else pulled through what your suffering with in life. People need to find hope and strength to reach peace, and I believe these stories will help you get there.” — A.S.
Softcover ISBN: 978-1-933918-62-4

eBook ISBN: 978-1-933918-81-5


Kent Gustavson – Co-Editor
Sally Shields – Co-Editor
Joseph Sherren – Foreword
David C. Allen – Contributor
Kristin Arnold – Contributor
Lena Arnold – Contributor
Nancy Bauser – Contributor
Patti Beckham – Contributor
Gilat Ben-Dor – Contributor
Sister Bhavna Bhen – Contributor
Ngahihi o te ra Bidois – Contributor
Thomas Blackwell – Contributor
Maridel Bowes – Contributor
Terry Brock – Contributor
Deborah Donaldson Chamberlain – Contributor
Paige Lanier Chargois – Contributor
Laurel Clark – Contributor
Lars Clausen – Contributor
Matthew Cossolotto – Contributor
Bill Crow – Contributor
Leslie Beth Wish – Contributor
Lynda T. Young – Contributor
Roseanne D’Ausilio – Contributor
Sumner M. Davenport – Contributor
Merilyn Davis – Contributor
Patrick Donadio – Contributor
Sandy Dumont – Contributor
Alicia Dunams – Contributor
Valda Boyd Ford – Contributor
Sally Franz – Contributor
Monica Garaycoechea – Contributor
Wendy Gillett – Contributor
Jeffrey Gitterman – Contributor
Jamie Gough – Contributor
John Graham – Contributor
Karl Gruber – Contributor
Cynthia Gustavson – Contributor
Donna Theresa Haddad – Contributor
Leta Hamilton – Contributor
Mike Handcock – Contributor
Lewis Harrison – Contributor
Beth Henry – Contributor
Mellanie True Hills – Contributor
Dan Holdridge – Contributor
Donny Ingram – Contributor
Nancy Irwin – Contributor
Esther Jacobs – Contributor
Ted Janusz – Contributor
Kara L. C. Jones – Contributor
Alli Joseph – Contributor
J. Aday Kennedy – Contributor
Colleen Kettenhofen – Contributor
Scott Klososky – Contributor
Roy Lantz – Contributor
Don Lubov – Contributor
Barry Maher – Contributor
Elizabeth Manuel – Contributor
Richard Marker – Contributor
Paul Lee Marr – Contributor
Andy Masters – Contributor
Jim McCormick – Contributor
Karl Mecklenburg – Contributor
John B. Molidor – Contributor
Kris Miller – Contributor
John B. Molidor – Contributor
Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba – Contributor
Barbara Musser – Contributor
Andy Neillie – Contributor
Gary O’Sullivan – Contributor
Kathy Perry – Contributor
Judi Piani – Contributor
Carolyn Porter – Contributor
Tom Potisk – Contributor
Jennifer Powers – Contributor
Craig Price – Contributor
Daina Puodziunas – Contributor
Sharon Quinn – Contributor
Paul O. Radde – Contributor
Edie Raether – Contributor
Clarence Reynolds – Contributor
Shari Rightmer – Contributor
Teri Rose – Contributor
Cynthia Ryk – Contributor
Adena Sampson – Contributor
Arnold Sanow – Contributor
John Schaefer – Contributor
Christine Schwan – Contributor
Rosalind Sedacca – Contributor
Alberta H. Sequeira – Contributor
Kate Sheridan – Contributor
Linda Shields – Contributor
Paula Shoup – Contributor
Marty Stanley – Contributor
Claude Stein – Contributor
Steven Steinberg – Contributor
Bradley Szollose – Contributor
Beth Terry – Contributor
Laurenzo Thomas – Contributor

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